My wife is going to keep you updated on all things connected with our family and photography over the coming months, she is a very funny lady and a wonderful writer. I hope you enjoy her musings as much as I do on a daily basis 🙂 Over to you Mrs B!!

“I am very lucky, I have beautiful pictures dotted around the house which have the power to make me stop. I may have an armful of laundry or be hurrying to zip up my boots when I find myself gazing at the tongue-pokey face of my son reaching for a leaf or my giggling daughter in that favourite jumper my mum had knitted. I am very lucky because these easy moments have been captured for me to remember forever.
These memories of a happy afternoon in the garden or a park or a holiday keep me company. We were always busy it seems. Sometimes I worry maybe I’d missed so much but catching sight of a pair of little legs sticking out from that crazy golf ‘train station’ on holiday and another cheeky mush from inside a the big flower pots at the back of our old house reminds me how much fun we did share. Sometimes I completely miss a whole scene of a film because I was looking at a snowball fight in the picture frame next to the television and had drifted back in time.
These photographs are magic, they’re like therapy. I am very lucky because despite my lack of photographic skills, these wonderful images were taken by James Bignell”