Family Portrait Photography


Photographing families requires a special kind of alchemy…

There is much much more to it than point, focus and say cheese.
The stories behind the portraits may tell a different tale to the relaxed smiles you now
reflect on as you enjoy them years from now. Families are chaotic. They are funny. Things happen. Someone won’t smile… another pokes out their tongue and the dog has his own artistic ideas. I’m used to all of this and I know how to capture the energy of a lively family shoot.

With 20 years of experience and being a kind hearted soul I can handle pretty much any situation that can arise. Having four kids of my own probably helps as I know what it’s like to be in the front line!
Email me for a free consultation.
Please include as much information as you can about you and your family and what you love about your kids and being a parent.

We have a huge luxury product line and can discuss your needs be it fine art prints,
frames, canvases and beautiful bespoke albums. I’m so pleased you have found me here and I hope you like what I do.

“James has been our family photographer for over a decade. He has a knack with children (and adults!), putting us immediately at ease and creating a composition that captures the essence. As a result the photos he takes are second to none.”

Contact Me For More Information or call 07740 861342

Contact Me For More Information or call 07740 861342