About James

Good photography takes time to learn, it’s actually very little about the camera. However it is everything about the person using it.

I have 30 years of professional experience, 17 of those years working on my own business and building a reputation as one of the best portrait photographers there are. I have a genuine interest in people and Art. I love to combine the two and create images that surprise and enthral. For me it’s all about the subject, I am merely there to make things happen and to capture it. My easy going personality means I’m great with kids and company CEO’s . I’ve worked for numerous high profile clients and every one gets treated with respect and the best work I can possibly do. I don’t fake it, I always come up with the goods, on time. With a great attitude and outlook on whatever project I’m working on. I also have a secondary commercial business which is www.creativeheadshotsuk.co.uk please take a look.